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By writing lines and lines of complicated code, using a variety of languages which are stated below. Different types of developers specialize in different areas, which means that large web projects are usually a collaboration between several different developers. Mainly Pramod Jadhav (Systems Architect | backend Developer) and myself John Hatsiosifidis (Software Developer | frontend / backend development).
Appdome analyze users' needs and then design, test, and develop software to meet those needs. Recommend software upgrades for customers' existing programs and systems.
Here we provide templates for you, choose a specific named template and let appdome help you develop your ideas into reality.
Hosting options with 40 years experienced providers, having a management team providing one of best server hardware, the most dependable network providers and most up to date software programs available anywhere.
As for my own interest I would like to create some useful apps for users to download and reap the benefits and features provided.

Websites & LandingPages

HTML/5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | Javascript
 - framework Complete website templates built easy-to-use responsive website framework that allows us to use simple HTML classes and interactive Javascript features, making complex website layouts easier to understand, user friendly. Updated Bootstrap 4, CSS3 and including some Animation.

 - php, (or PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages that can interact with databases.
- sql, (is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS)) Using PHP with a database system. Any website can require a variety of data or information to display and to retrieve them from the database.

Forms & Registers

Simplified process with styling and alignment of Contact|Registers|Login|newsLetter signUps, controls like labels, input fields, select boxes, textareas, buttons etc. Sliding options, different types of form layouts. Online forms are disrupting this tried-and-true method by helping businesses collect the information they need and simultaneously connecting it to other software platforms built into their workflow.
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Your Website is Faster & Safer on our Platform
  For those looking to build an online presence on a budget, finding an affordable host without bandwidth limitations is key. Appdome just one of thousands who appreciate the hosting service provided, with UNLIMITED web space, UNLIMITED data transfer, free SSL Certificate and much more to suit all web size bodies.
Specially engineered hosting platform offers Shared, VPS, and WordPress Hosting that is designed for the fastest, most secure and scalable hosting available with data centers located. Powered by solid-state RAID-10 storage arrays, LiteSpeed web servers, advanced security tools, and proactive monitoring.
Ready 24/7 at your service.


  In time you’ll be presented with a series of screens which tell you what the app does, and how you can do it. The vast majority take the form of a series of slides explaining what the main features of the app are and showing a handy screenshot or illustration so you know what that feature actually looks like.
Focusing what will get out of the app — not what you can do with it. Yes of course I'll need to explain how I can do that — by naming the features which I have so your claims can be validated. But by inspiring you at this stage, we’ll enter the app with a thirst for exploration.


eighteen complete website templates built with HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4.
Updated Websites suited for variety businesses, we are able to manipulate restructure and function to your perspective needs.

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One Platform. Multiple Hosting Options

Websites hosted on out platform are monitored 24/7.
You also will have access to our expert support staff to help you. You will get all of the benefits of being hosted on a fully featured web hosting platform built for speed, security while being environmentally friendly.



Creative apps, development to resolve issues I have experienced.
First two apps will be creating: Port detecter a simple online offline application.
Secured locked system with all password and username management.


"AppDome Services @, we are specialized in the provision of avant-garde hosting technologies. Our web hosting portfolio encompasses a huge variety of web hosting plans, which offer ample hard drive storage space and monthly traffic allocations, domain registration & transfer options, easy-to-use Domain and Email Managers, multiple website hosting options, as well as charge-free bonuses, such as a 1-click web apps installer and a website building tool. All web hosting accounts can be easily managed via our multilingual hosting Control Panel. A 24-7-365 customer care service is offered too."[ About Us ]


Process Work

Before we start your website design, we engage with the key individuals in your business to truly understand objectives you want to achieve. Combining detailed planning with user-centric designs, delivering digital experieces that enhance conversions and engagement.
We focus on all principles of a good design starting from user experience, coding & marketing to deliver a delightful experience to your website visitors.
Our experience is reflected in the quality of advice and mentoring we provide to Startups, Business & Personals. Their are various way's of obtaining information on how it should be done what should be looked at, making sure all avenues to improve are covered.

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  You take care of your business. We'll take care of your website.
We handle all your website needs and we’re here to help long after your site goes live.



Extensive experiences building projects with HTML5 / CSS3. CMS-workflow

Bootstrap 4

Learning & progress experiences building projects with Bootstrap.

jQuery | Javascript

Learning & progress experiences building projects with jQuery & javascript.


Extensive experiences building projects using PHP and SQL data entry.

An ongoing progress to a much advanced level is ofcourse practise and time. One of the fastest growing profession in the world, constant changes to development tools. Appdome will do its best keeping up.

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Some useful news websites/blogs for developers to get connected with the latest technology and programming. A list of the top web development blogs that will help you find your footing and acquire essential skills in modern web developer...

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