Holy smokes man this is a great website. It's so clean and the transitions are so smooth. It's so easy to navigate and I honestly have no criticisms. It's probably one of the best websites I've seen. Honestly its just so clean. Great stuff man

By John  on 2021-03-20


Very professional website with a clearly thought out design. Simple and elegant structure that both novice and experienced internet users can navigate with ease. Combined with the use of clean animations and transitions make the website a pleasure to navigate

By anonymous  on 2021-03-17


I was asked by John to surf through his website and found not only the simplicity of the way he explains. Especially someone who has no idea. Also, the flow in which I took, did not make me get lost within his website. All good

By Adam  on 2021-03-09


Appdome has created a (Data Entry System) online for my small business. Cost effective and till now no faults and if so Appdome is right on it.

By Sue Benos  on 2021-02-25


Many website articles include links that visitors can click on for more information (appdome is one of them).

By John Innerzcity on 2021-02-18